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You have been prompt, friendly, and reliable with your excellent service. Thank you for being helpful and considerate; that was just what I needed in this difficult time for me.

– Gloria, Boynton Beach



You really went above and beyond your call of duty as you took care of my father last week. From calling him ahead, arriving on time, and STAYING WITH HIM THE WHOLE TIME, and returning him safely home. It goes a long way in the peace of mind of an elderly person and then even further to the family that loves him.

Thank you for your service and much success in your business!

– Donna, Boca Raton


Dear Lloyd,

Our entire family wants to thank you for the wonderful, caring services which you provided to my aunt and uncle during their last season in Delray Beach. Aunt spoke glowingly of your services and the wonderful “drivers”. She would tell everyone that she met about her “driver, who was so handsome that you would just fall in love with him.” You probably do not realize how much your services meant to my aunt and uncle as well as our entire family. I could go on but I am probably running out of space.

Please know that YOU and your company made a difference in many lives. You put a smile on Aunt face and in and joy in her voice which will be a part of our memory of someone that we loved so dearly. Thank you!

– Lucille and Mark